Fat Chef - The newest comfort food restaurant in CDO

          What are the things you need to consider in choosing a restaurant? FPPP- 1.Food 2.Price 3.Place 4. Parking Space? We'll Fat Chef got all of these covered. Watch out as they open on December 15, 2018 !

Fat Chef front view- night time

       Fat Chef is located along Gen. Antonio Luna St. See the picture below which I grabbed from Fat Chef fb page to have clearer picture of their location. 

      The very humble owners are the Rodriguez siblings who love to eat and cook for their family during weekend family get together. Now, we can have a taste of the favorite dishes that they serve during their quality bonding moment that brings their family closer to each other.

         Now, lets talk about the Food!They are super delicious. I've tried all of these and everything's my favorite (Big Burp!).

Next, Let's have a look on their menu.See the prices are just very affordable.

 Who would have thought that a very elegant place that looks like this could have a very affordable prices on their menu.Right?

        And of course,the last but not the least thing that we should consider in choosing a restaurant, the Parking Space. Fat Chef prepared a 2 way driveway and a car park that can accomodate to at least 50 vehicles.Isn't it amazing? 

                                                                   2 Way Driveway

        In the meantime,here's my aura moment here at Fat Chef. See you on our next gastronomic adventure !!!!