Top 3 Reasons Why You Have to Take Chance and #LiveBrighter Under Sun Life Financial

       Sales is the most fulfilling and rewarding  job for me but the most challenging one.This I was able to prove to myself since I shifted from a typical 8 to 5 office job. Yes I became more confident and I gained a lot of networks turned into friends and I love it. Currently, my portfolio is all about real estate since I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker(REB) and also a Licensed Real Estate Appraiser (REA).Now taking into consideration, I might expand my portfolio and live a brighter life being a Financial Adviser. And maybe some of you might be wondering what is the job of a Financial Adviser? Well, according to Wikipedia, a Financial Adviser is a professional who suggests and renders financial products and services to clients based on their financial situation.They provide financial products depending on the licenses they hold like life insurance and variable annuities. Then I've listed my top 3 deciding factor why I should add this to my portfolio under Sun Life Financial.

Company Stability and Proven Track Record

  Sun Life Financial started in Canada and has been the leader in financial services since 1865.The company expanded its operation in United States,United Kingdom,Hongkong and all over the world.Thirty years after it opened some branches in the Philippines in 1895. Mr Keith Corrales, the Recruitment Specialist of Sun Life Financial talked about the history of the company and how it became the market leader and number one insurance company in terms of total premiums for seven consecutive years during the Sun Life #LiveBrighter Forum.

Mr.Keith Corrales-Recruitment Specialist-SunLife Financial

Optimum Financial Security and Literacy

       Ms. Eunice Michelle Aton, Regional Sales Manager-Sun Life Financial Mindanao talked about the proportion of population in older aged group and how it increased at a faster pace than the proportion in the younger age group.Given the fact that the average monthly pension in the Philippines is only P 8,000 which can hardly suffice all the medical and primary needs.According to Philippine National Health Accounts (PNHA), the average per capita health expenditure was P 4,847  but that was just yet at the year 2012.How much more at the present? And that the senior citizens most certainly spend more than the average.

                                Ms. Eunice Michelle Aton, Regional Sales Manager -Sun Life Financial Mindanao
 Time Freedom

        Owning your time is I think one of the best deciding factor why one should become a Financial Adviser,where you get to work at your own pace and be your own boss,while enjoying a maximum potential income. Ms. Franchette M. Mejia , Unit Manager -Sun Life Financial Narra Branch,talked about her success story of being a Financial Adviser under Sun Life Financial,how it changed her life and how she found the Big Why.Ms. Mejia was an Instructor at MUST and she now worked as a full time Unit Manager but still has the time freedom to take care of her little boy.

Franchette M. Mejia , Unit Manager -Sun Life Financial Narra Branch

The perks of being a Financial Adviser under Sun Life Financials doesn't just stop there.You can also enjoy these Brighter Benefits:
Advisors' Provident Fund
Group Health Plan (HMO)
Group Life Insurance 
Loans Programs
Car Loan
Housing Loan Program
Computer Loan Program

Q&A during the Sun Life #LiveBrighter Forum

So just in case you want to shine and live a brighter life under Sun Life Financials you may contact their Recruitment Specialist, Mr. Keith Corrales at at #09088865739 for more info about the training.Next schedule to finish the Sun Life Training Course is on May 23-25, 2018 then you're set to complete the contracting and coding process.Enjoy and #LiveBrighter!!!

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