How Skin Magical works like magic!

                 How Skin Magical works like magic-An honest product review!

         I'm really a fan of using beauty products like facial beauty products,skin care products and hair care products, that's why a good friend of mine introduced me this Skin Magical Rejuvenating set and just a week ago i tried using the product and taaaadaaa!voila! The result is really magical indeed. Actually, I have no other problem when it comes to my facial skin aside from my lightly visible pores.Now with Skin Magical , the pores are no longer visible as compared before and I find my skin glowing the more I use the product. I'm also very careful in using different kinds of products especially for my face because once the product won't work, it might leave a trace on my face.So if you're with me in my quest of achieving a "No-Make -Up" look for real, follow these simple easy steps.

1.Wash your face with Skin Magical Rejuvenating Soap in the morning and before bedtime.It softens your face with each wash so it feels great on your skin and it's a great way to refresh your face as well.On the 3rd day of using the soap,you will notice a micro peeling effect on your skin,please do not rub it.

Skin Magical Rejuvenating Soap

2.Using a cotton ball , apply Skin Magical Rejuvenating Toner in the morning and before bedtime after washing the face.On the 3rd day of using the toner,you will notice a micro peeling effect on your skin, so I suggest not to rub the cotton ball,just dab it.

Skin Magical Rejuvenating Toner

3. Apply Skin Magical Smoothening Sunblock Cream in the morning.This will keep your skin protected even under the sun.But you know you are on the process of whitening so better keep yourself away from direct sunlight if possible.

Skin Magical Sunblock Cream

4. This is optional but I suggest to use this Skin Magical Mousse Cream Foundation.This is perfect as it leaves your skin powdery finished.You don't actually need to put on any powder at all.I'm a no user of powder anyway. 

Skin Magical Mousse Cream Foundation -Skintone

5.  Apply Skin Magical Smoothening Rejuvenating Cream at night time.This cream will give your skin the micro peeling works.But definitely the peeling is not heavy, just make sure not to stay long under the sun.

Skin Magical Mousse Rejuvenating Cream

6. Apply Skin Magical Age Defying Collagen Cream after applying the rejuvenating cream every night. This collagen cream is a must-have if you want to have a well-balanced beauty regimen.This will provide your skin the essential proteins it needs to stay plump and supple.
Skin Magical Age Defying Collagen Cream

So I guess you are now ready on your "Woke up like this" pose, click the camera and post! Enjoy and thanks for reading!

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By the way , I am not a seller of this product, I just want to share how this product help me achieve my beauty goals since I'm a little bit vain. Lols. If you guys want to try this product you may contact their FB page: GAB'S Beauty Lounge located at 2nd floor Door 1 Rubel Building Belderol St. Cogon, Tagbilaran City, 6300 or you may call 0928 707 1577.

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